Rays of Hope for RAYS of HOPE

As I mentioned in the first post, this blog is dedicated to the entrepreneurs in my family.  In line with that theme, I’m dedicating this post to RAYS of HOPE, a private in-home rehabilitation therapy and personalized exercise service founded by my sister, Lisa Haneke Tooman. 

Lisa H. Tooman, OTLR/L, AHFH, Rehab Specialist/Home Healthcare Consultant

Before founding RAYS of HOPE, Lisa achieved her degree in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University (my alma mater too – go Rams!), did internships in Denver and Riverside, and eventually began her professional career as a registered occupational therapist at the Veterans Administration in Denver.   After the Veterans Administration, she moved to a hospital setting at Mercy Hospital in San Diego and eventually became the Rehab Director at Sharp Home Health Care where she directed 55 physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and nurses.  During her tenure, she became a well-respected rehabilitation specialist providing therapeutic quality of care services to the adult and aging population in an effort to assist them achieving the most productive, healthy and satisfying quality of life. 

Shortly after the birth of her daughter, she was laid off her job at Sharp.  Faced with all the uncertainties, stress and self-confidence challenging emotions that come with unemployment, she carefully considered all her options and decided now was the perfect time to strike out on her own; to take the risks in building a business in the hopes that she could also have more flexibility to raise her daughter and step sons.

Seven years later, she provides individualized intervention and treatment to a solid base of private pay clients based upon their area of need and personal goals.  Recently she achieved certification as an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist that further advances her skills in providing a comprehensive, holistic, and multifaceted approach to rehabilitation that takes into consideration the physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional well being of aging adults.

To elevate the awareness of RAYS of HOPE and grow her private pay client base, Lisa has given Caregiver Training Courses and speeches on Body Mechanics and Transfer Training at care management companies.  She has been the feature of a recent article entitled RAYS of HOPE Offers Quality Care in the La Jolla Light and been a guest speaker at National University and on the Gerry Graf Radio Talk Show. 

As with many small businesses, the shrinking economy is impacting RAYS of HOPE, so when the final project for my Marketing via New Media course was posted, I knew my topic.  I created a social media plan for RAYS of HOPE that would allow my sister to build trust and awareness among caregivers and continue to establish herself as an expert in rehabilitation by engaging with her audiences in online forums and leveraging social networking platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to elevate awareness.  We’ll see if little sis’ plan can help RAYS of HOPE generate a few of its own rays of hope in the form of a few new professional consultation referrals and private pay clients. 

Like my sister Shirley who founded a medical transcription business and Catherine B Design jewelry, my sister Lisa also had the courage to take risks and determination to succeed with RAYS of HOPE at a time in her life when it was imperative to provide for her family.  That kind of courage and determination is at the heart of all entrepreneurs including all those that came before them that ultimately built this country into a cultural and economic world leader.

RAYS - Rehab At Your Service


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